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Sparx Cookies

Sparx Cookies

After a rather lengthy debate regarding Sparx Cookies, I find myself writing yet another review of the infamous spicy cookie. Now, if you read the original review you’ll see that the bags of cookies that I taste tested were pretty darn close to their expiration dates, about a month out I believe. As a follow up to the original review, I felt I must comment on the second bag of cookies I had bought at the same time. This review was not well received by some, which I can understand. So, after receiving a FRESH batch of samples from Richard, the creator of the Sparx Cookies, I set off to do another review and this time gathered up 10 of my closest Chile heads to taste test on. Coincidently we also reviewed Monty’s Salsas (that review to come soon).

Each taster rated each flavor of cookie on five areas:

  • Smell – How does the cookie smell? Good, Bad, Ugly?
  • Texture – How does the cookie feel? Soft or Hard? Chewy or Crunchy?
  • Taste – How does the cookie taste?
  • Heat – Does the cookie have heat? If so, how much?
  • Cookie Appeal – If you were looking for a snack, would this cookie be on your list of items to eat?

Each of the above factors were rated on a scale of 1-20 and each tasters scores were tabulated to come up with the final percentage scores you see below.

Sparx Score Table

Overall the clear winner is the Cayenne Toffee Pecan, in Smell, Texture and Taste and Tying with the Chipotle Double Fudge in the Cookie Appeal Category.

This batch of Sparx Cookies were infinentaly better then the last ones I had, however, overall the cookies are still lacking for me. They’re good, but a seasoned chile head is going to want more heat and a better flavor blend.

Nick Lindauer

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