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The Salt Table – Ghost Pepper Sea Salt



Maker: Salt Table LLC
51 Barnard Street
Savannah, GA
Cost: Starting at $3.95 from The Salt Table Online Store
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Naga Jolokia pepper





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Spicy Salt


Sodium overload cause you'll want to eat this on everything

Posted August 6, 2012 by

With a taste only for the very daring, this Salt is the hottest Salt in the world! Made from pure, unrefined sea Salt and the Naga Jolokia pepper, this Salt has a spicy hot flavor that is without compare. Named for one of the most venomous snakes in India, this pepper, also known as the King Cobra Chili, has a blazing heat that is out of this world. For some flaming flavor, sprinkle over chicken wings, chili, or your fajitas, but beware … this Salt bites back!

This is one of those products that lends it self to a simple review.  Basically, its hot salt and it is delicious.  It has the unmistakeable taste of the jolokia which delivers a wallop of heat and adds the right level of saltiness to any dish that is asking for salt.  The heat from the jolokias isn’t full blown like taking a bite from a pepper or from the some of the sauces out there but still needs to be respected.  The coarsenes is that of probably the least finest grind through a mill but when adding to a hot plate of food is melts right in.
A great product that has many uses from rubbing on to meat to sprinkling on just about any food.
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