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Step Up For Charity – Today!

Starting today at 12 noon (or maybe 1 depending on the 90 degree weather), Mr. Jim Campbell will begin his 24 hour journey into attempting to break his own record set a little over a year ago. Unlike last year, this year is going to give Jim an interesting challenge – he hasn’t been on the stair climber for over 30 days! Not that he hasn’t tried – but the chilehead in Jim has been hard at work putting on Open Fields and attending Fiery Foods Shows across the country.

Step Up For Charity

On October 5th & 6th Pike Township (Indianapolis) firefighter Jim Campbell will attempt to break the Worlds Record for stair climbing in a 24 hour period. The current record (set by Jim about a year ago) for continuous climbing on a stair machine stands at 106,380 stairs. That’s the equivalent of a half-marathon straight up (13.1 miles!) or some 60 trips up the Empire State Building.

The record-breaking attempt will take place as part of the Pike Township Fire Department’s Safety Fair which will be held on the 6th.

This event is done for the sole purpose
of raising money for charity!

Three main charities are supported by this: to help educate firefighters’
kids through The Jim Cleek Scholarship Fund (an educational endowment in honor of one of my Lieutenants who died of cancer), to educate Police officers’ kids through The Jason Baker Scholarship (a scholarship in honor of a local police officer murdered in the line of duty), and better US Army Officers through The Maude Foundation (a scholarship in honor of my brother in law, killed on 9-11). These are smaller charities that struggle to receive funding and to whom a small donation means a great deal.

100%- every single penny- of the money donated to this event will go to benefit the charities. There are no overhead costs and any expenses (such as this website and printed materials) are covered by other specific individual donations.

“Charity efforts remain on going and I’m surprised that they’ve required more effort than the actual climbing, as hard as that may be to believe”
states Lt. Campbell. “These are charities that are either based in or have strong Indianapolis connections, yet most of the donations come from businesses with little link to this area. It would certainly be motivating to see local folks support a US Soldier, a Police Officer, and a Firefighter who gave their all.”

In an effort to support Jim’s record breaking attempt today, the HSB is going to do something a little different. We will make a donation to Step Up for Charity for every comment left on this thread from now until Jim completes his attempt!

    HSB Donation Scale:

  • $1 for every comment by a HSB reader
  • $3 for every comment by a manufacturer
  • $5 for every comment by a maker (pro or amauter) that has won an award this year at: Zest Fest, Fiery Foods, Houston Hot Sauce or Open Fields.
  • * The donations will be made only once per person (per IP/email).

Let’s all wish Jim good luck in his attempt!

Nick Lindauer

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