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Review: Suffern Bros. All American Hot Sauce Bayou Classic

Bayou Classic Hot Sauce

When I finally received a box of sauces to review from Nick, I, like other reviewers before me greedily tore into it. My 12 1/2 and 14 year old sons were anxious to help as well. First I lined up the bottles, surveying what lay out before me. I already had some notions of what I would like, and which would not end up being favorites. There were 4 bottles from Suffern Bros. All American Hot Sauce; Original, Bayou Classic, Northeast, and Southwest. This review will be about the Bayou Classic flavor.

The label on this Brand is very patriotic. The Statue of Liberty in front of a faded flag, the company name All American Hot Sauce in red, white and blue with stars in the blue portion of All American. Something quite unique about the bottle is the statement on one side of the label – “The All American Hot Sauce is a corporation with a conscience. 7% of all profits go to organizations that improve the lives of Americans.” Under that statement is contact info to see how you can help Americans in need. In bold type below that it states ” Liberate Your Palate. Every Taste Bud Has A Voice. Made in USA”, (gosh I would hope so!). The label also has a heat meter on it this one indicated 6 out of 10 chiles hot. Even with all it’s patriotic symbolism, and commitment to helping others, the label seemed a little plain to me.

Bayou Classic Hot Sauce

Now my first impression of this sauce was that it was very thin, water thin. There was a serious amount of separation, and what substance the sauce did have was settled to the bottom. I didn’t think that I was going to like this sauce. I do like some thin sauces for specific applications though, so I was definitely going to give this one a fair shot.

The ingredients list is as follows: seasoned rice wine vinegar, chilies, onions, bell pepper, cayenne, salt, sugar, sodium bisulfate.

The aroma of the sauce has a really sweetish vinegar tang. The flavor is much the same sweet rice wine vinegar with a cayenne after taste. Please notice I didn’t say afterburn. There is not much heat in this sauce. I said I’d give it a fair shot, and I did a shot glass full. It does leave a pleasant tingle in the throat but other than that pretty mild.

Bayou Classic Hot Sauce

Now as I stated before, I do like thin sauces for specific applications. One of such meals is bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. I’ve been known to use half a bottle of Tabasco on my eggs. I like the way that flavored vinegar runs off and combines with everything else. That is how I planned on using this sauce.

I fried up some bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns and liberally coated them with All American Hot Sauce Bayou Classic. I ate half of the meal, then added more sauce. It was delicious but not hot. It was kind of like a thin Franks Red Hot, but instead of the vinegar bite it had a tanginess to it. Next time I will cut up a couple fresh jalapenos for a little heat. I also drowned some leftover turkey with it, tangy and tasty, not hot.

I did like the flavor of this sauce, but I probably wouldn’t buy it. It would be a sauce that because of its sweetness and lack of heat would be great for those with a milder palate. I think this sauce would go great with chicken, pork, shrimp, and of course eggs, however since it is such a thin consistency it would definitely decide to join whatever else is on your plate.

Bayou Classic Hot Sauce

Bayou Classic Hot Sauce

Their website states that it is the classic trinity of celery, bell peppers, and onions with a kick of cayenne. Celery is not listed in the ingredients though. It also suggests using this sauce in your favorite gumbo or over hot wings. The website lists their current charities as buying phone cards for the military and providing relief for hurricane Katrina victims. The price is $4.50 or 5 for $20.

All American Hot Sauce LLC
Suffern, NY. USA