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Blair’s 16 Million in the News – Again!

“We live in an extreme world,” explains Blair Lazar, a hot sauce creator. “And I make extreme foods.’ In his hands is the hottest spice in the world, an ultra-refined version of chilli powder so fiery th...

New York Post Article

Blair’s 16 Million is featured in today’s edition of the New York Post, with a mention going to! I’ll post more on the article later when it comes online, I just pick up the print edition whil...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Blair’s 16 Million Product Review

Blair’s 16 Million compares to Tabasco the way a bottle rocket compares to Nagasaki – NY Post May 4th, 2005 Blair’s Death Sauces have always been the hottest sauces on the market and the extract line of sauces...