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BBQ Sauce Reviews

Hot Smoky Baobab BBQ Sauce

Name: Hot Smoky Baobab BBQ Sauce Creator: Bim's Kitchen Website: Purchased: Birthday present Pepper / Sauce Type: BBQ Think of a BBQ sauce and your probably imagining something very sweet and sticky...

Smokin’ Red Hot Sauce

Name: Smokin' Red Hot SauceCreator: Bim's KitchenWebsite: From: A forgotten shop in Stroud Type: All RoundI like hot smoky sauces and this one ticks all the boxes, the smokiness is...


Chilli Products in the Great Taste Awards 2012

We where going to run an articles on the chilli based product that won awards in the Great Taste Awards 2012, but the Great Taste Awards web site is such utter rubbish it is not always possible to identify in many cases which o...