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That Red Sauce, by HEB

The heat on this one doesn't really build or stack, though, and I quickly became accustomed to it to the point that I didn't even notice it after a few bites. But I didn't stop at a few bites!

Widow Maker, by Slap You Silly

While the habanero and tomatoes do come out and blend quite well together, there's also a wonderful smoky undercurrent from the chipotles.


Smoked Jalapeno Salsa, by Pain is Good

The smokey scent here actually makes this smell a lot like a barbecue sauce, which I don't think I have ever actually encountered in a salsa before.

User-Friendly Habanero Hot Sauce, by Slap You Silly

This is one of the more complex sauces I've had in recent memory, and the multiple layers of onion, sweet pepper, and habanero flavor are impressive.
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Pappy’s Hottest Ride in Town Barbecue Sauce

This sauce smells amazing. Hottest Ride in Town immediately brings to mind brisket and ribs, which is an excellent compliment in my book.|

Salsa Grande, from Texas Best Smokehouse

Aside from the obvious tomato smell, I was very pleased to note that the habaneros really do stand out. Though this one doesn't have the roasted scent that I've grown pretty fond of in salsas, it does come across as fresh and ...


Tex-Mex Salsa, by Native Texan

Okay, so it does smell a little bit different than other salsas. There are hints of cumin, cayenne, and maybe a little bit of ginger. It's rather pleasant, and the spices blend rather well with the smell from the fruits and v...

Pineapple Guava Pepper Sauce, by Fredericksburg Farms

The smoked flavor hits first, but it is instantly overtaken by the sweet pineapple flavor. Honestly, I've not encountered a spicy product that captures the essence of pineapple quite like this one does.


Roasted Poblano Salsa, by Archer Farms

This one is deliciously chunky. There are tomatoes, of course, but you also get rather large portions of jalapeno and poblano peppers in this salsa. Overall, this isn't a salsa for those weenies who try to avoid the chunks.

Mango Meltdown X-TREME HEAT, by Maui Pepper Co.

Anyway, what we have here is a beautiful deep orange sauce. There are a few habanero seeds and specks of fruit in the mix, but it is only slightly pulpy. It is, however, a fairly thick sauce, a trait it has likely inherited f...