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eBay Alert: Blair’s Caldera #403

Patrizia, the woman behind Slow Burn, the largest hot sauce shop in Northern California wrote in and asked me to alert the HSB readers that she is selling #403 Blair’s Caldera due to “Tiny Tim needing crutches”...

Caldera #1 – Making collectors jealous everywhere

Big thanks to eman for sending in images of his recent accquisition, the elusive Caldera Prototype – a bottle that many a collector would love to have. **drool**


Caldera #1

Nuff said.

Early Edition Caldera on eBay

Blair’s HOT SAUCE Caldera Prototype Stage 1 SIGNED Met Blair at a show and he was showing a lost bottle that was found buried it in his archives. I asked if was for sale and bought it on the spot after explaining what a c...