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More Heat From Canada

Charlottetown drum crafter Amiel LeBlanc brews up four sizzling hot sauces to torch the tongues of like-minded hot sauce aficionados. MARY MACKAY The Guardian Some like it hot. But hot sauce lovers like it hotter. And Amiel LeB...
Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Peppermaster – Habanero Black Pepper

PepperMaster is slowly, thankfully, pulling itself away from being known as a “hot sauce” company. Having tried most of their products I can say they are a culinary essential for those that aren’t adept to fo...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

Hot Shop Reviews

Hot Sauce Store Review: The Instant Caterer

The Instant Caterer has been around for ages at the South end of the St. Lawrence Market. I used to frequent it regularly to see what collectibles they were selling at regular prices unknowingly. After I had joined the HSB I ha...