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ChileFoundry Newsletter – August 2012

August has been a confusing month, it is when we have the most chilli festivals and there is a lot of work going on organising events etc, but this month has ended with the very sad news of the passing of Peter Seymour. Peter w...

RIP – Peter Seymour – AKA ChilliPepperPete

It is a very sad day for me today, I have just found out that Peter Seymour aka ChilliPepperPete has passed away. Peter was one of my first people to offer to help me when I started writing The Hot Book of Chillies, he and his ...


Chilli Prices to rise..

India accounts for approx. 40% of the worlds production of chillies and India is now seeing reports that demand is exceeding supply after a poor harvest and an increase in demand, it seems the UK is not the only country having ...

Chilli Pepper Pete – Vindaloo Mix

This review is a little tricky for me to do, why you ask? Mainly because I made the mistake of opening the pack before being ready to review! They were gone in about 30 minutes with a pint of lager and the packaging went in the...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Collector Items – Fiery Foods Festival 2012 t-shirts

t-shirts may not be hi-fashion, but they are collectors items with some from the 70's getting sold for thousands of pounds. If you are like me I like to get the odd one or two just to show that you where there..