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Kismot Killer Curry Kicks Contestants’ Keisters

Edinburgh, Scotland-based Kismot Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant was ground zero for the mother of all curry-eating contests. Though a few had to be hospitalized after eating the curry laced with superhot chile peppers, they ...
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Review: Peppermaster Jerk Curry Sauce

Ingredients: fresh scotch bonnet peppers, fresh scallions, fresh onions, fresh garlic, fresh leeks, fresh ginger, coconut cream, cider vinegar, tellicherry peppercorns, honey, cornstarch, sea salt, spices I recently acquired th...


Review: Peppermaster Jerk Curry

Master! Master! Peppermaster. That’s a bold statement. It’s Canadian, eh? When this itsy-bitsy jar showed up on my front porch, a feeling of trepidation crawled down my spine. Why is jar so small? Does it whup that ...