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Darth Naga reviews Spicy Monkey – Rabid Monkey Sauce

Good day Chilli Padawans!! Well I have another sauce review for you today, this time it’s more of a cooking and dipping sauce as opposed to the traditional pouring sauces we usually review. It comes to us from a lovely co...

Darth Naga Reviews – El’ Tel’s Black Death Sauce

Woooooooooooah!! Just in time for halloween! I have a bottle of an aptly named sauce up for video review! This one comes from a guy known as Terry who owns the “Kernow chilli farm“, for those who don’t know, &...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Looking for the New Chilefoundry YouTube Video Channel? Darth Explains All….

I know I mentioned it in my first post as Editor of the site, but Darth Naga has produced a video to explain the fact that ALL new Chilefoundry video reviews will be posted here from now on, Darths own Channel. This&#...

FieryFoods UK Chilli Festival 2012 – My Report

There have been many Chilli Festivals to attend this year with the culmination being FFUK which this year was held on 14/15/16th September. This year’s festival was all the more poignant with the untimely passing of Pete Seymou...


There is a new Editor at The Chilefoundry…….

A little while ago David Floyd announced that as the site had reached 1000,000 page views, it seemed a good time for him to take more of a back seat and step down as Editor. David has worked tirelessly on this site, making it w...

Darth Naga Vs Psychotic Smile

Darth takes on a sauce created by another youtube reviewer, Mr Brian Mackey aka Aeon38. This one kinda take him by surprise as you will see..nothing funnier than seeing Darth outside of his comfort zone when it comes to hot stuff!