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BBQ Sauce Reviews

Heartbreaking Dawns – Memphis Belle BBQ Blend

I was so stoked when I opened the box of goodies for review and saw this product. I have very fond memories of this product and I’m looking forward to cooking a pork butt using this blend for Super bowl Sunday!
Dry Rubs/Spices

Fire in the Kitchen Dry Rubs & Spices

I had the privilege of meeting Mark and his products at the Toronto Spicy Food Festival.  His booth was set up in prime territory so it was tough getting a word in but by the look on many peoples faces they were very pleased by...


Kramer’s Wing Rub Live Archive

Video archive of EAT MORE HEAT! Live with guest Lance Kramer of Kramer's Gourmet Foods. We review Kramer's Medium and Hot Wing Rubs & learn to rub responsibly. |

Kramer’s Gourmet Wing Rubs LIVE

Tonight on the live show we’re giving some wings a rubdown courtesy of Kramer’s Gourmet Foods. We’ve got Kramer’s Wing Rub in Mild, Medium and Hot varieties, so there should be something for everyone! |

Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Robbqsauce and Rub

I was introduced to Rob through a publication that stated he was up and coming in the BBQ sauce department. Being close by I decided to contact Rob and see if he was up for providing me samples for the HSB. He quickly obliged a...
Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Mary’s Gourmet Foods Sassy Pepper Blend – Hot!

Mary’s Gourmet Foods Sassy Pepper Blend This is another rub that came in from the Fiery Food show. Coming up behind the review of Slap Ya Mama spice rub, this rub has a tough act to follow. Coming in at a 5.5oz bottle thi...

Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Slap Ya Mama “Hot” Cajun Rub

I have tried quite a few Cajun Rubs. Each one saying it is the true authentic taste. And for the most part they were quite good. Just like how I found jerk marinades/rubs to vary widely, this so holds true to Cajun spices. This...
Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Cat-5 Food Polish

Sprinkle Cat-5 Food Polish on your favorite dish and prepare to be blown away! Ingredients: Salt, Dried Peppers & other spices When I first heard of Cat-5 Food Polish, I was a bit perplexed. The name made no sense to me wi...

Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Captain Thom’s Blackened Steak Seasoning

“When the taste changes with every bite and the last bite is as good as the first, that’s Cajun.” – Paul Prudhomme You may remember Captain Thom from his meet your maker interview or any number of the re...
Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Chile Pepper Republic Coffee Bourbon Molasses Rub

Review: Chile Pepper Republic Coffee Bourbon Molasses Rub A rub is a combination of spices, seasonings and herbs that add flavor and texture to meats. When I first read the label, I thought ok, that’s an interesting combi...