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James Wreck Sets Fire to Houston with iBurn

I recently visited the Houston, TX studio of Eat More Heat, where James Wreck and his trusty sidekick David Martin produce a weekly live video program focusing on spicy product reviews, with a generous helping of irreverent hum...

Top 10 Chilli Blogs – WorldWide July 2012

Well we are feeling very impressed with ourselves :-) We have the number 1 slot in the top Chilli Blog sites world wide, as you can see the top four are all quite close, but by the time we get to number 10 we are in the multipl...


Mama Africa’s Zulu Relish – Jalapeno, Lemon and Garlic

With a curious blend of parts, seemingly more America meets Europe, the depth of ingredients is much more than expected from just the initial label front reading, and then it dawns on me that South Africa was quite the trade ro...