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Roasted Poblano Salsa, by Archer Farms

This one is deliciously chunky. There are tomatoes, of course, but you also get rather large portions of jalapeno and poblano peppers in this salsa. Overall, this isn't a salsa for those weenies who try to avoid the chunks.

Mango Meltdown X-TREME HEAT, by Maui Pepper Co.

Anyway, what we have here is a beautiful deep orange sauce. There are a few habanero seeds and specks of fruit in the mix, but it is only slightly pulpy. It is, however, a fairly thick sauce, a trait it has likely inherited f...

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Heartbreaking Dawns – Memphis Belle BBQ Blend

I was so stoked when I opened the box of goodies for review and saw this product. I have very fond memories of this product and I’m looking forward to cooking a pork butt using this blend for Super bowl Sunday!

High River Rogue Moruga Scorpion Sauce LIVE

Tuesday night on the live show we’re hitting you with the hottest sauce in the High River arsenal. High River Rogue is a Moruga Scorpion & blood orange hot sauce. |
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Smokin’ Hot Dead Shot Habanero, by Sizzle Sauce

The tomatoes and peppers make this smell sort of like a habanero salsa. That's a good thing in my book. It tastes more like ketchup, though, albeit only slightly. The overall flavor is actually pretty subdued, and is nowhere...

T-Rev’s Stiff Willi Chili Texas Chili Mix

John reviews T-Rev’s Stiff Willi Chili Texas Chili Mix, used to make the chili that T-Rev based his pepper sauce off. It preps in 15-20 mins & is pretty simple. |


The Balanced Art of the Pepper 5/5 Gourmet Hot Sauce

When I first opened this, I passed it to my wife to get a second opinion on the smell. We came to the same conclusion independently: for some reason, this stuff smells kind of like bread, in the same sense that Guinness smells...

Texas Brew Salsa – Honey Roasted Mango Salsa

We're seeing here again a 3-chile pepper combination, and honestly the large presence of tomato and the hidden habanero in the mix is a bit unsuspected, as I read this as "Honey + Fruit" salsa, expecting more of a sweet fruit s...


Texas Brew Fire Roasted Poblano Salsa – Medium

Today I’m doing a two-fer on Texas Brew Salsa. The first of these to catch my eye was their Fire Roasted Poblano Salsa series. |

Slim Jim Dare Sticks & Beef Jerky Live Archive

Video archive of EAT MORE HEAT! Live with special guest Scott "Sultan of Snap" from Slim Jim. We review Slim Jim Habanero Dare Sticks and Jalapeno Beef Jerky. |