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Redd-Eye Brand Collectible: 210°

ANNOUNCES: THEIR FIRST COLLECTIBLE HOT SAUCE 210° A spicy combination of fattali, habanero and bhut jolokia peppers blended with spiced rum to give this a flavorful kick in a specially made wave bottle. These collectibles will ...

Blair’s 2007 Halloween Reserve

Announced in early October, Blair’s 2007 Halloween Reserves are beginning to land at collector’s doorsteps across the country. And boy are these bottles beautiful! The pictures in the announcement don’t do the...


eBay Alert: Blair’s Caldera #403

Patrizia, the woman behind Slow Burn, the largest hot sauce shop in Northern California wrote in and asked me to alert the HSB readers that she is selling #403 Blair’s Caldera due to “Tiny Tim needing crutches”...

Blair’s 2007 Halloween Reserve

Dear ChiliPal, Today it is with all my passion and excitement that I have the pleasure of sharing my most amazing reserve EVER….My 2007 Halloween! It has been two years in the works…..the glass is custom made from I...

CaJohns Fiery Foods

Caveat Emptor II has arrived!

Now that’s a sauce of beauty!