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Hot Sauce Hottie #9

Happy Monday from Nando’s!

Hot Sauce Hottie #7 & #8 (and a “hot sauce hunk”)

Uncle Big has been working on a new line of advertising for the Droolin’ Devil line, what do you guys think? Droolin’ Devil Fine Foods Office: 403.207.6791 Fax: 403.398.3266 Email: *New* Not safe for...


Hot Sauce Hottie #5

Even pmac’s woman is getting the hot sauce fever…
Hot Sauce Blog

Hot Sauce Hottie #4

Here is the Loco Luna Hot Sauce Hottie, Lava Style. Because they do things hotter in Texas


Hot Sauce Hottie #1 – V2

Anthony started the Hot Sauce Hottie idea with this review of CaJohn’s Krakatoa Sauce, originally it started as an idea to award the best of the best sauces with a hottie picture. It’s now morphed into it’s ow...

Hot Sauce Hottie #3

Ryan’s Hot Sauce Hottie In the spirit of combining hot sauce and testosterone, my wife has agreed to let me photograph her holding a hot sauce to go along with the other “hot sauce hotties“. P.S. I would be wi...


Hot Sauce Hottie #2

With all the incoming pictures from readers, some discussion was sparked about the “Hot Sauce Hottie” idea that Anthony started with his own ‘hottie’. Parker has convinced his ‘hottie’ to pos...