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Hot Headz Jamaican Jerk Style Chilli Ketchup

Here we have a slightly different slant on the Chilli Ketchup theme, this time its main flavouring is Jerk, I am not very well experienced with Jerk Seasoning so this is a refreshing change for me. For those unaccustomed like m...
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Flaming Joes Jerk Sauce
Flaming Joes Jerk Sauce
Flaming Joes Jerk Sauce

Review: Flaming Joe’s Jerk Sauce

Before I get too far into the review I want to let everyone know what my experience with jerk sauce is. Walkerswood and the product I am reviewing right now. When I first tried walkerswood jerk seasoning it wasn’t really ...

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JERK DEFINED In culinary circles, the word “jerk” has an entirely different meaning from the definitions found in your standard dictionary. To the gourmand, “jerk,” also refers to Jamaican Jerk or jerk r...