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Original Dragons Blood Jerky

When we get jerky, folks, it isn't the "sweet and hot" kind you can buy at any old grocery store. Nope. When someone sends us jerky, you can bet that it is laced with something that has been crafted for the sole purpose of me...
Finished Jerky
Finished Jerky
Finished Jerky

How to Make Naga Jerky on the Big Green Egg

Yes, I have two Big Green Eggs. I’ve had egg #1 since moving to TX in 2007 and egg #2 was just acquired about a month ago. I had a 20% off coupon to a local egg dealer and couldn’t pass it up. BGE’s are rarely...

Danny Cash

Recipe: Easy Steak Rub Beef Jerky

Easy Steak Rub Beef Jerky I’ve been making beef jerky for about for about ten years now and have made it just about every way you can make it at home without owning a smoker. Cheffy makes the best beef jerky I have ever h...
Spicy Food Reviews

Review: Jersey Boyz Habanero Dusted Beef Jerky

Another fine jerky creation from Jersey Boyz Jerky, this Habanero Dusted version of jerky becomes the 3rd jerky in the Jersey Boyz line up. I reviewed the Extra Spicy version just after Zest Fest and Doug was kind enough to sen...

Spicy Food Reviews

Review: Jersey Boyz Extra Spicy Jerky

** WARNING: This jerky is addictive ** A blend of over 7 spices and some habanero peppers create a great tasting spicy jerky that even your mother will love (and if she doesn’t we can always come there and beat the %$#@&#...
Spicy Food Reviews

Review: Jackson’s Awesome Habanero Beef Jerky

Hot Food Review: Jackson’s Awesome Habanero Beef Jerky *WARNING* READ THIS FIRST *WARNING* Before we begin, we feel it’s our obligation to you the consumer to enlighten you on the many reputable Addiction Treatment ...


Review: Jackson’s Awesome Peppered Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Jackson’s Awesome Peppered Teryaki Beef Jerky Like most of us here, I scour eBay hunting for those elusive collectors items, well the ones I can afford and don’t have to sell my car to buy it. There are so many item...