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Sadie’s of New Mexico – Red Chile Sauce

This bright red, moderately thick sauce shows lots of chilehead promise, as it looks like a pretty through blending of primarily chile peppers. The aroma definitely matches up with the ingredients list, scented heavily with chi...

High Octane Sauce Company – Rice Burner Sweet and Spicy Asian Sauce

David takes another look at a High Octane product, and comes out loving their Rice Burner Sweet and Spicy Asian Sauce.

Spicy Foods
Borderline Gourment Chipotle Marinade
Borderline Gourment Chipotle Marinade
Borderline Gourment Chipotle Marinade

Review: Borderline Gourmet Chipotle Sauce and Marinade

Overall: It's pretty good, I'm feeling it. Not as ridiculously unique or elite as they would have you believe, but still an impressive showing of flavor. I can't wait to get my rooftop grill up and running so I can use it appro...

Review: Nanny’s Jamaican Kitchen Jerk Marinade – Mild

With the Fancy Food show behind us, I finally have the time to get back to doing some more reviews. It can be nice to stay in a fancy hotel and have meals prepared by a chef at a hoity-toity restaurant, but I find that both my ...


Review: Nando’s Lime & Cilantro Marinade & Grilling Sauce

This is my first in a series of reviews of Nando’s Line-up. I am somewhat familiar with their products as I use to frequent one at a food court at lunch many years ago. There aren’t that many around but knowing that...
Wing Sauce

Review – Uncle Dougie’s – Chicago Style Chicken Wing Marinade

Ingredients: Red Peppers, Peppers, Malt Vinegar, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Spices and seasoning, sugar, and other natural Flavorings.Uncle Dougie’s manufactures a whole line of products. I found a rub, some jalapeno mustard,...

Dry Rubs/Spice Reviews

Review: Pilarcita’s Carne Asada Marinade

Yet another discovery from the 2005 Fiery Foods Show, Pilarcita’s Marinades and Authentic Mexican Seasonings immediately impressed me with their flavor. The major selling point for me was a sample of carne asada that the ...