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Heat In the Heartland “hearts” El Yucateco Green

“Green with envy.” I’m not sure how that expression got started other than perhaps being an oblique reference to Shakespeare’s green-eyed emotion. But if someone had El Yucateco “Green”,...

El Yucateco Xxxtra Hot Sauce: Salsa Kutbil-ik de (Mayan Recipe)

“Here’s mud in your eye.” Where did that celebratory toast come from? What does it mean? (The “mud” reference will make more sense as you read on.) Well, even though I would NOT recommend putting El Yucateco’s XXXtr...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Pico Pica

I wanted to include a quick word about a sauce I had mentioned briefly in an enchilada recipe in an earlier review: Pico Pica Real Mexican Style Hot Sauce. First off, this sauce is “Mexican-style” in that it is reminiscent R...