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Naga Mustard Sauce

Name: Naga Mustard SauceCreator: Hot HeadzWebsite: / Sauce Type: Naga Jolokia, Habanero, MustardNaga Mustard Sauce.  What's not ...
BBQ Sauce Reviews

Pork Barrel BBQ – Mustard BBQ

I was actually a bit surprised to see Chipotle and Ketchup included in the list here, as I figured this would likely end up as just a sweet and tart mustard sauce, but we'll see how those being added in adjust the flavor.
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Lurch reviews Mr Vikki’s Piri Piri Mustard

Piri Piri Chillis are more commonly known as called Birds Eye, Piri Piri is Portuguese for “Pepper Pepper”, and as such these chillies have a nice fiery kick. Now pair that fiery kick with Mustard and the result could be someth...

Mr Vikki’s Hot Mango Chutney

It has not been that long since I got introduced to a few products from Mr Vikki’s. But even from the go I have found their products to be of great quality and spectacular flavour. The last product that I tried and reviewed was...


Michael Madsen on EAT MORE HEAT! Live

On August 28th our special guest will be actor & poet Michael Madsen! He will be joining us LIVE to review his American Badass Hot Sauce, Mustard & BBQ Sauce. |

Mr Vikki’s – Hot Lime Pickle

I have always viewed Lime Pickle as one of those Marmite products, you either love it or you hate it and luckily I love it. It hasn’t always been that way though, my first few curry house visits saw me avoid this lumpy condimen...


Review: Cooney’s Mountain Mustard – HOT

Cooney’s Mountain Mustard Hot The people who own and run Cooney’s Mountain Mustard (Denny and Kim Cooney) have been my neighbors at the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival for the last 2 years. The first year I was there I...
Spicy Food Reviews

Review: Silver Spring Habanero Mustard

I usually do not buy just anything that has “Habanero” in its name, especially when I’m at the grocery store. But, I’ll be honest, this was on sale, so I took a look. It’s made in Wisconsin (my bl...

Spicy Food Reviews

Review: Fire Brand Spicy Habanero Mustard

We first heard about Fire Brand Sauces back in May and I was happy to find a few samples from Fire Brand arrive a few weeks later. And what better time to give a spicy mustard then a summer time BBQ? This isn’t the mustar...
Big Dawg

Revisted: Big Dawg Drooling Mustard Sauce

I’ve already reviewed Big Dawg’s Drooling Mustard but it’s one of those sauces that you keep coming back to and appreciating it a little more each time. This time around, I created a pastrami dog with the left...