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Crazy Good Southwest Sweet Heat Sauce and Green Chile Dust

Crazy Good began with two New Mexican style hot sauces – Southwest Sweet Heat Sauce (green), and Red Chile Hot Sauce. Along with their companion Dusts (rubs) of Green Chile Dust and Red Chile Dust, Chef Jim O’Br...


Sadie’s of New Mexico – Red Chile Sauce

This bright red, moderately thick sauce shows lots of chilehead promise, as it looks like a pretty through blending of primarily chile peppers. The aroma definitely matches up with the ingredients list, scented heavily with chi...


Sadie’s of New Mexico – Roasted Green Chile Salsa

The flavors of green chile and tomato are pretty immediate, as well as a bit of salty onion and garlic, but none of them overpowers the other too much.  There is a noted smokey component to this, but it plays in the background.