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BBQ Sauce Reviews

The Shed BBQ Sauce – Spicy Mustard & Spicy Vinegar

We pulled out some of our smoky pulled pork that we cooked on our Weber Kettle recently, from the freezer to give these two sauces a taste test. One, a vinegar BBQ sauce, the other a spicy mustard BBQ sauce – what cou...


Houston Hot Sauce Festival – 30% off!

We are on the road again… CaJohns is traveling West my friends… look for us in Houston at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival this weekend or check us out at the Chile Pepper Extravaganza in New Orleans at the end of S...


Where’s CaJohn?

Where’s CaJohn? For the next few weeks we’ll be playing a little game… if you see our van or CaJohn, take a picture and share it with me… . He’ll be leaving Central Ohio soon and ...

Lucky Dog Black Label Extra Hot Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce

The newest product from Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is the Black Label Extra Hot Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce. The fourth sauce in the Lucky Dog stable, the Extra Hot features Trinidad Scorpion and Jalapeño peppers along with a...



CaJohns and Gluten Free

You may notice a new category on our website: Gluten Free. CaJohns did not change our salsa or hot sauce recipes, those are still the same—just now we are making it easier for those following a gluten free diet. So, don&r...

Scovie Deadline Extended!

We have extended the deadline for the 2014 Scovie Awards to midnight, September 12. Because the judging will be so close, this is the only extension we can make. We must still have all products in our hands by September 17.


Dave’s Gourmet Hurtin’ Habanero

The flavor of the Red chile is presented immediately up front, with a mild heat, with some citrus and garlic being very obvious. It then takes a few seconds, and then comes the habanero heat.

FIRE DRAGON LOVE SAUCE “Official Hot Sauce for Gay Marriage”

‘Fire Dragon Love Sauce’ is a new hot sauce that has come on to the market via ‘Kickstarter’. This catchy name originates from Chinese astrology signs of the creators: Heather and Gigi. They claim their ...


Crazy Good Southwest Sweet Heat Sauce and Green Chile Dust

Crazy Good began with two New Mexican style hot sauces – Southwest Sweet Heat Sauce (green), and Red Chile Hot Sauce. Along with their companion Dusts (rubs) of Green Chile Dust and Red Chile Dust, Chef Jim O’Br...


Mama Pearl’s Hot Sauce

The fragrance of habanero overpowers any suggestion of strawberry and has a mild but expected scent of vinegar. The taste is immediate prominent habanero with a very light sweet aftertaste, followed by the warming heat of the p...