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Mr Pickles – Fiery Birdseye

The name on the label says “Fiery Birdseye” so I know what Chilli has been used but then underneath they mention “Rogan Josh Heat 5/10”. This is a little confusing as I then think this is a Rogan Josh sauce but it’s not, I gues...

History of Spice Infographic

I love infographics, they pack a lot of information into an easy to read and while searching the web for new things to write about I found this, not much I can say about it, just wish I had come up with it first.


The Bell River Brand Hot Sauce Review

Hello Chili Heads and Barbeque Fans! Today is a great day and if you’re bummed because you didn’t win $640 million through the Lottery, then I have something to cheer you up. I am not a big gambler due to the fact t...