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SliverLeaf – Marinated Bread and Butter Garlic with Ghost Peppers

One thing is for sure it smells like bread and butter garlic. No doubt about it. By looking at the cloves in the jar I wasn’t exactly sure if the garlic would be soft or still kinda hard…it’s in-between both.

Silverleaf International LIVE

Tonight on the live show Adriane from Silverleaf International will be stopping by the studio to let us sample their extensive line of ghost pepper products. |


New York Joe’s Onions – Mild

John Scrovak returns to his duties yet again, this time with a jar of onions!

Marina Market Days Candied Jalapeno Eating Contest

Come to the Marina Market Days Candied Jalapeno Eating Contest in Corpus Christi, TX!

Spicy Food Reviews

Review: Princess Pickled Spicy Asparagus (Hot)

Please welcome Robert to the HSB with his first review! Another PA based reviewer, Robert brings a wealth of legal knowledge to the chilehead world (lawyer) and it’s great to see a review done on something other then a sa...