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BBQ Sauce Reviews

The Shed BBQ Sauce – Spicy Mustard & Spicy Vinegar

We pulled out some of our smoky pulled pork that we cooked on our Weber Kettle recently, from the freezer to give these two sauces a taste test. One, a vinegar BBQ sauce, the other a spicy mustard BBQ sauce – what cou...


Mike’s Carolina-style Pulled Pork in Mustard

Barbecue cooking isn't rocket science nor, however, does two plus two equal four on the grill. Barbecue is low and slow cooking not baking (that’s more chemistry than cooking). The meat is done when it’s done; you can guesstima...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Tom’s Roid Rippin’ Sweet Mesquite BBQ Sauce

  Tom Slosser of has ventured beyond the hot sauce world and created Tom’s Roid-Rippin BBQ Sauce – Sweet Mesquite. Don’t be mislead, it says “Sweet” but this BBQ sau...

Chipotle Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

This recipe sounds weird, I know – but trust me, it’s delicious. Put it on a sandwich, tacos or nachos. That’s if you can resist just eating it by itself. This is a great weekend recipe – start it in the...