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The Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Naga Salt Grinder

Here we have one of the range of grinders from Wiltshire Chilli Farm. The grinders offer a varying range of seasonings in both heat and flavour, with the Naga salt variant being the hottest in the range. The first thing I notic...

Mr Pickles – Fiery Birdseye

The name on the label says “Fiery Birdseye” so I know what Chilli has been used but then underneath they mention “Rogan Josh Heat 5/10”. This is a little confusing as I then think this is a Rogan Josh sauce but it’s not, I gues...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

Spicy Foods

The Salt Table – Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

This is one of those products that lends it self to a simple review.  Basically, its hot salt and it is delicious.  It has the unmistakeable taste of the jolokia which delivers a wallop of heat and adds the right level of salti...

Yes Peaz – Peaz In Our Time – A pea based Snack!!

Here is a little snack product that is surprisingly hard to put down.. dried peas, yes dried peas.These are not the little green bullets that you have to rehydrate, I think the older ones amongst us will remember them as ammo f...


Chilliqueen Ketchup – Sweet Chilli Ketchup

Hey hey hey!!!!!!! Going to do a review today but fear I’ll struggle a bit. Not because it’s a blow your head off sauce and not because it tastes bad. But because I decided to open it the other weekend and enjoyed it so much th...

South Devon Chilli Farm – Ring of Fire

The South Devon Chilli Farm is the first Chilli Farm I ever visited while I was still getting into the Chilli scene. This was in their early days before the development of a second site. So on to the sauce, this time it’s their...