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Simpson’s Seeds – Great Wight Bite Chilli Sauce

Now I have very fond memories of the Isle of Wight, golden sands, long summers, coloured sands and dinosaurs slowly falling into the sea! The island was my parents holiday destination of choice through most of the 80′s, a...

Capsicana – Hot Bhut Jolokia Chilli Sauce

Good morrow chilli heads. Scooby here with another sauce to titillate the taste buds of all you fellow chilli craving lunatics. Today’s sauce is Hot Bhut Jolokia from Capsicana Chilli Co Ltd which looks to be their hottes...

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Firefly’s BBQ Sauce LIVE

Tonight on the live show we’re busting out the BeelzeBar-BQ Sauce with Firefly’s BBQ! |

Heinz Hot Sauce – Fiery & Sweet Yellow Habanero

This is the third and final review of the trio of new ‘Hot Sauces’ from Heinz, this time, The Fiery & Sweet Yellow Habanero Hot Sauce. Heinz have come a long way since their ’57′ varieties, goodness ...


Sriracha Sauce Trio – Kikkoman – HT Traders – Rooster

We love Sriracha sauce and love sharing with you our Sriracha sauce finds. This time we campare two more grocery store shelves’ versions of Sriracha sauces from Kikkoman and H.T. Trader (Harris Teeter), along with the ven...

Darth Naga Reviews – El’ Tel’s Black Death Sauce

Woooooooooooah!! Just in time for halloween! I have a bottle of an aptly named sauce up for video review! This one comes from a guy known as Terry who owns the “Kernow chilli farm“, for those who don’t know, &...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Product Review – Dartmoor Chilli Farm – Hickory Smoked Chipotle Sauce

From the South West comes this Hickory Smoked Chipotle Sauce, courtesy of Dartmoor Chilli Farm, who are located in the heart of the National Park. They have quite a range of sauces from the extreme Dynamite to the relatively mi...

News – The Sauceman’s Satchel

Have you ever been to work, gone on a weekend away camping or business trip abroad and thought “I wish I could have taken some of my hot sauce or chilli powder with me?” but the bottle was too big for the liquid to ...


Chilli Pepper Company – Hot Summer Chilli Sauce

In the year since I’ve been part of the reviewing team at the ChileFoundry, one of the names that has struck fear into my mouth with his potent products is Ged Fowler. Well known in chilli circles, Ged has brought us some crack...

Looney Juice & Fully Loaded Sauce

Soooooooooooooo here we are just a few days from the West Dean chilli fiesta, and Gerald from The Chilli Pepper Company ( kindly asked me to review these two new exclusive products of his that will be la...