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Top 5 UK Chilli Web Sites – Aug 2012

This is an odd month for statistics, we only had 5 sites that Alexa registered as having significant UK traffic, this may be as a result of changes in their ranking recording, we will keep and eye on this and let you know.

Chilli Variety – Chipotle (Smoked Red Jalapeños)

It is an odd thing, but everyone seems to want green Jalapeños chillies, but at the end of the growing season they are starting to turn red before they can be picked and sold, at this point there market value as a fresh product...


Top 10 UK Chilli Web Sites – July 2012

Not a big change this month, Dartmoor Chilli Farm is still at No. 1 and we are just behind at No. 2. Scorchio and Hot-Headz have swapped places, but otherwise the top 5 are still the same sites.