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Scorpion’s Shadow Pepper Sauce review

Tom and Diane Slosser of Tom’s Roid Rippin’ Hot Sauce bring a new look to their line of products with the introduction of Scorpion’s Shadow. This fresh tasting sauce features Scorpion peppers, raspberries ...


Jordan Brenner’s Hot-Cha Waa-Cha Maple Mango Hot Sauce

Those keeping up with the site today will know that Jordan Brenner’s Hot-Cha Waa-Cha Maple Mango Hot Sauce is the second in the trilogy for the day. |


Island Time Hot Pepper Sauce

While this sauce does have the traditional orange tint found in most standard sauces, it's actually surprisingly chunky. There's practically a salsa-like consistency in here, or at least something similar to a thick spaghetti ...
BBQ Sauce Reviews

Sweet Island Pepper BBQ Sauce, by McCormick

Sometimes, though, I do like to browse the aisles of my local HEB and hope something catches my eye, something that can serve as a more accessible alternative to our readers who cannot easily obtain the things we normally revie...


High Octane Sauce Company – SAE 30 Chocolate Hot Sauce

Chocolate versions of a chile often indicate the upper heat range of that chile, and so when you first see the word "chocolate" on a bottle of hot sauce, you amp your mind up to prepare for what will likely be a thoroughly hot ...

Week of Mild Day 2 Scotty B’s Trio of Jalapeño Sauces Review

  For Day 2 of our Week of Mild, we review a mild trio of Scotty B’s jalapeño based sauces – Chipotle Fever, Jalapeño Scream, and Sweet Jalapeño Heat. Scotty B sent me his lineup of 8 sauces awhile back. His fl...


High Octane Sauce Company – Rice Burner Sweet and Spicy Asian Sauce

David takes another look at a High Octane product, and comes out loving their Rice Burner Sweet and Spicy Asian Sauce.