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That Red Sauce, by HEB

The heat on this one doesn't really build or stack, though, and I quickly became accustomed to it to the point that I didn't even notice it after a few bites. But I didn't stop at a few bites!

Triple Dog Dare Ya’ from Backyard Texas Sauce

The aroma is fairly smokey, but not as aggressively as the previous sauce, with big representation from the jolokia, chipotle, and a savory spiced base.|

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Gnarly Knucklebuster from Backyard Texas Sauce

This is a smoothly-pouring thin sauce. The color is a yellowish orange with flecks of red, black, and yellow throughout from what appears to be chile flesh and spices.

Salsa Grande, from Texas Best Smokehouse

Aside from the obvious tomato smell, I was very pleased to note that the habaneros really do stand out. Though this one doesn't have the roasted scent that I've grown pretty fond of in salsas, it does come across as fresh and ...


Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012 in Pics

Good times at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012 My photo gallery of all the old and new friends I met at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival. Click any pic for a big, beautiful viewer. I...

James Wreck Sets Fire to Houston with iBurn

I recently visited the Houston, TX studio of Eat More Heat, where James Wreck and his trusty sidekick David Martin produce a weekly live video program focusing on spicy product reviews, with a generous helping of irreverent hum...