Posted September 13, 2008 by Anthony in Hot Sauce News

Take a Ike!

Quick update here.

As most of us know by now that Galveston and Houston took a direct hit from Ike (as well as outlying areas). Although the physical devastation is quite severe it looks like the populace for the most part weathered the storm thankfully.

Houston and area is without power and Nick mentioned that it will be a few days before it will be restored. Everyone is ok and things are calming down. Not sure where it puts things for the HSB to be fully restored since the server move but things should be back to normal shortly.

** UPDATE **Pictures here – no major damage except for the pepper plants (they may still pull through) – but we don’t have power and may not have any for the next week. Trees are down throughout the neighborhood and a few homes have taken direct hits, but the neighbors pitched in an cleaned up the street once the rains died down so spirits are up and everyone is helping out. Now it’s time to hang out in the dark.