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Taste the 4th Sense – Store Review

Taste the 4th Sense

This is my first review on a store. Reason being is that there have not been any stores in Toronto to review. I heard about Tt4S (Taste the 4th Sense) a few months ago. The trepidation I had for visiting sooner was the poor excuse I knew of a so called [tag]hot sauce[/tag] store before. I guess I just didn’t want to be disappointed. This review is a culmination of several visits over the period of one week. My first visit was on a weekday evening. I was met with a “back in 5 minutes” letter on the door. The display in the window and the slight view of the hot sauce wall was the only thing that kept me waiting. It actually looked like they had some good products. A few minutes later I was greeted by Geri who let me in. It only took two steps into the store to realize that yes, this is THE PLACE!!! One wall is dedicated to the best of the best of hand pressed oils, vinegars and zests. The adjacent wall adorned with hundred of types of hot sauces. Everywhere else was collectible hot sauces along the shelves.

Taste the 4th Sense

Now I have seen places in the states that literally carry everything under the sun. Tt4S puts emphasis on taste rather that heat. Don’t get me wrong they have all the super hots, Black Mamba, Z Nothing Beyond, Satan’s Blood, but they carry an absolutely amazing array of medium type sauces in every type of hot genre. Your run of the mill vinegar, pepper, gimmick sauce doesn’t makes its way on the shelf. Too boot every bottle is available to sample. If you are looking for more of the gimmick type sauces you may want to head over to their other store in St. Jacobs.

I was able to meet with the owner Gerry Mischuk and we had a lot to talk about. I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t heard of Needless to say I am sure he has it bookmarked now! Gerry and staff (Geri) were amazing. Not only are they knowledgeable in all the products they have, they are passionate about selling them. The store is beautifully kept with an airy atmosphere of cheer. The type of place you would want to walk in and look around even if you aren’t into hot sauce.

Taste the 4th Sense

Whether you make it to Toronto, or out into the country in St. Jacobs, make an effort to pay Gerry a visit. I can guarantee you he will hook you up with a sauce that will blow you away. And if isn’t hot sauce you are after then one of the oils, zests, or vinegars he has for sale will surely grab your attention. (Hot sauce makers out there should contact Gerry for his vinegars!!!!!) Did I say that out loud?!

Taste the 4th Sense will be celebrating their first anniversary July 22 this year. It would be great to see some local chili-heads attend the party!

Finally a hot sauce store in Toronto I can be proud to talk about

Taste The 4th Sense
375 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 1P1
Riverworks Emporium
1440 King Street
St. Jacobs, Ontario
N0B 2N0