Posted June 9, 2006 by clint in Reviews

Tennessee Whiskey- Flapjack and Whiskey Red Cinnamon Syrup

Jack Daniel's Syrup

Preface: Great SCOTT! Syrup? To be honest I procrastinated this review because I know hot sauce but I don’t know syrup. I’m sure there are some people who can tap a tree like I can tap a keg (root beer) and enjoy the sweet sweet nectar inside but I have not had experience in said tapping.

This review is a bit different. I have omitted some sections of my normal review because we’re dealing with a whole different condiment.

Ingredients: What you really need to know is that this syrup has good old’ Jack Daniels in it. 2.5% alcohol

Container: Very nice. Classy black label with an old classical appeal. When I brought this bottle into IHOP however I did get a lot of questions. Most of the questions pertained to why I had decided to bring a bottle of booze to the table. So I had to fend off questions about my apparent alcoholism, because 8:30AM is too early to drink for most of us.

Appearance: Red Syrup.

Smell: I like the smell of this syrup because of two things a) Cinnamon Mmmm b) the Jack comes through relatively well as an ingredient. Your friend in AA won’t be jumping off the wagon with this stuff scent-wise.

Consistency: Syrupy. I kid you not.

Taste: Hey now. The cinnamon flavor is unusual for syrup. It takes a tad bit of time to get used to and I would prefer a fruit or maple flavor but I’ve had that stuff for years and years. When you do grow accustomed to the cinnamon flavor it is quite fetching. The Jack Daniels adds a tad bit of bite and is relatively heavy handed on the after taste. If you have an aversion to the taste of alcohol you might shy away form this syrup.

Field Test: Syrup goes with pancakes so I decided to not get fancy and try this stuff with a bean burrito or anything. It’s good.

Final Word: Jack Daniel’s Cinnamon Syrup is good stuff. It won’t knock you out of your IHOP booth but it certainly is not slouching in the taste department. And because its 5 proof you can start boozing at the start of breakfast. If you love cinnamon definitely pick it up.

Overall: 7.5/10.0 Good solid syrup that acts like a alcohol version of Nicoderm. (I kid)