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The Blane Auction Generator – Delivered!

The Blane Auction

The Generator was dropped off to the North Loup Volunteer Fire Department on Sunday 2-11-07. The Generator was a commercial grade 5500 watt, 13 hp multi-outlet 9 gallon system, designed for rugged outdoor use. The former Fire Chief Chuck Lunstad on the left and the Current Fire Chief Darrell Jergensen in the middle, met my family and I at the Fire house”¦.

They could not believe the generosity and were overwhelmed with what they were receiving. They couldn’t thank us enough. I still don’t know if they fully understand the Chili Head community, but I explained the best I could. A copy of the Charity Auction was given to them, I also included 4 bottle’s of hot sauces that I had in the cupboard to help them understand a little more ( AJ’s DITD Red, Mild to Wild Habanero BBQ, CaJohns Talon and a bottle of THT Cry Baby) I warned them of the heat, but being firemen they will find out soon enough.. I forgot to take a picture of the sauces on the generator!!!!

I had a plaque made and attached to the Generator so that people who benefit from the generosity of the Chili Head community will not be forgot. Hopefully no one is offended by how I listed them…

Blane Auction Generator
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This will also be featured in the local newspaper!!!! Yes the local reporter’s were on hand…

The last picture is outside of the Firehouse it shows my wonderful wife and son Luke ( he really liked the old fire trucks. As you can see from the equipment inside and condition outside, any donation is greatly appreciated..

The Blane Auction

I want to personal thank all the kind and generous people who donated to the BLANE Auction..

Nick Lindauer

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