Posted May 30, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

The Boulder Hot Sauce Company

Some like it hot.

Some like it somewhat hot.

It was with this latter group in mind that Harry Robertson began chopping peppers six years ago in pursuit of the perfectly balanced hot sauce.

“One of the big things that I saw in hot sauces is that there was a lot of hype out there for a really hot, hot sauce, a practical joke category of hot sauce that was inedible,” he says. “You would ruin your friend’s life or at least their night by feeding it to them.”

Robertson, 34, had a different vision: a sauce that artfully combined heat, sweetness and smoke. A sauce that would show the proper respect for the flavor of peppers, as well as their heat. It was a sauce that took several months of experimenting to perfect.

After leaving a job as a salesman at Soundtrack, Robertson started his search for the holy grail of hot, armed only with a lifelong love of hot peppers, $400 and a friend willing to taste-test whatever sauce he came up with. Read more here…

You can check out the Boulder Hot Sauce Company’s website to order yourself a bottle of these handmade hot sauces. I love supporting the little guys in the hot sauce world, some of the best sauces start from the home kitchens in America.

Nick Lindauer

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