Posted July 22, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

The Calm Before the Storm


Defcon Rules

4 hours until DEFCON Sauces unleashes complete chaos again. It seems the weather won’t be helping matters Saturday for outdoor activities…All the more reason to stay indoors by joining us at The Alley, 428 Springfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights, NJ for an afternoon of craziness and indulgement, as we all feast on the best wings in the nation, as voted by the 2006 Scovie Awards, and the best part is THEY ARE FREE!!!

As stated before, there will be raffles for various DEFCON Actionwear as well as DEFCON Sauce packs, and THREE, yes THREE Wing Eating Competitions, including the first (and maybe only ever) “Wing Eating Deathmatch”, a grudge match between a couple of chiliheads (Chris K & Huvason). One of them called for a “Deathmatch”, to settle the score, so it’s up to me to hurt them, something I take personal pleasure in doing. Besides a great prize, one winner gets True Bragging Rights, God bless his scorched soul! You might want to bring your camera for this one! Winners of the other competitions will also receive some really cool prizes as well, all handcrafted by the DEFCON Creator himself. The festivities go from 1-6pm. Wing eating competitions will commence around 3pm.

So instead of sitting home, growing roots on your couch because the day is rained out, join the maelstrom with the DEFCON Crew and meet a bunch of friends you haven’t even met yet!

Defcon Rules
Don’t Worry…

Nick Lindauer

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