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The Carolina Reaper Pepper – HP22B World Record Holder?

We at Chilefoundry reported back in November 2011 about this mysterious “HP22B” pepper which seemed to suddenly appear on the scene with apparent consistant lab test results showing its heat at an average of 1.5 SHU’s. I am obviously talking about the Carolina Reaper pepper as it is now more commonly known, developed, bred and grown by Ed Currie and his company The Pucker Butt Pepper Company  in the USA, this pepper is well on course to take the title of the Worlds Hottest Chilli.

To create a stable new variety takes many seasons of growing the plant, selecting the seed and re growing, and Ed has been doing just that. New varieties dont just appear overnight as the plants have to have the ability to grow “true” to the original parent, in plant growth, pod shape and heat levels. That all takes time.

The Carolina Reaper has now been released and seeds are available to buy, but from only two stockists,

Ed himself at The Pucker Butt Pepper Company  and also Pepper Joe

So why hasnt this pepper been awarded the world record yet? Well that takes time too, and money. It is being processed as we speak. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this pepper, lots of people have been doubting whether it was for real.

We do like to sample these type of things before giving our opinion, its the only way to get a true understanding of whether the hype is justified or not.

So I was lucky enough to try a pod just before FFUK a few weeks ago, these were brought over by Ted Barrus F.B.I, having received them directly from Ed.

I will state now that I didnt try a whole one, I had about a quarter but that was enough! It was truly brutal and the burn was honestly like nothing I have experienced before from a Chilli, the burn was all over my mouth in seconds and a vicious throat burn to it, I swear I could feel the small piece I ate going down my throat and could feel it sitting in my abdomen very quickly, and just like others have said, there is definately a sweetness to them.

As you can see from the images above and below, these Chillis are gnarly and ugly, the skin is so rough, reminiscent of a 7 Pot Primo but different. I saw a selection and they were folded in themselves with little crevices all over and a little spike on the bottom.

So anyone who wants to doubt the effect these chillis have, please dont, they are the hottest natural thing I have eaten and if you dont believe me, have a look here, where our own Darth Naga is joined by Ted Barrus and Danebear to sample their delights,

WARNING: this video contains vomit, swearing and people in pain, you have been warned!

And here’s Leo “HomeGrownUkChili” Scott’s take on them:

So I for one am growing them next year, whether I can achieve the same heat levels with the UK Climate remains to be seen, but Im looking forward to trying.

And will it get the world record? Only time will tell.


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