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The Hot Sauce Book – Updates & Extension

Mudpuddle Books

A lot of questions have been swirling around about the Hot Sauce Book. Like most projects, there have been some delays but it’s most certainly still an open project and is now projecting to be completed by February 2008. And the good news is that they are now opening up the window for item submissions – so take this oppurtunity to download the form (PDF) and send your products in!

Dear Hot Sauce Maker,

Mud Puddle Books Inc. will be publishing a Guide to Hot Sauces. We are in the process of collecting information on hot sauce manufacturers and the hot sauces they make. We would like to include you and your products in our book.

The book will be an alphabetical list of hot sauce manufactures. We will include a description of each company followed by a photo of each hot sauce that is currently being produced and a short description of each sauce. We would like to use your description of your company and hot sauces.

Please print the downloadable form (PDF), fill it out and return it to us by fax (at 206-202-8206) or regular mail. Also email us with information about your company and your hot sauces. Or, let us know if all that info is on a website that we can use.

Samples of each hot sauce that you would like to be included in the book would be very helpful. We are going to photograph each bottle in order to give the book a uniform look.

If you have any questions about the book or our company please feel free to contact Greg Boehm at greg@mudpuddlebooks.com or (212) 647-9168 ext 1#.

We cannot guarantee that every hot sauce will make it into the book. However, we are trying to include everything.

The Staff at Mud Puddle Books

During the first round of product submissions, samples were received from the following companies (see below). If you sent a product in and do not see yourself listed, please let us know. And if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Received items from:

  • All American Hot Sauce Co
  • Big Daddy Jake’s LLC
  • Blair’s Sauces & Snacks
  • Blind Betty’s
  • Bloody Mary’s
  • Brad’s Gourmet Foods
  • Burning Asphalt
  • Byner’s Classics
  • Byron Bay Chilli Co
  • CaJohn’s Fiery Foods
  • Cajun Power Sauce
  • California Habanero Blends
  • Captain Thom’s Chili Pepper Co.
  • CSIGI Chili Sauce
  • Dave’s Gourmet Inc.
  • Defilippo Family Food Co
  • Denver Salsa Co
  • d’Oni
  • Dr. Gonzo’s
  • El Paso Chile Company
  • Fire from the Mountain
  • Fitch Farm Kitchen
  • Golden Toad Inc.
  • Gosling’s Gourmet
  • Green Bandit
  • Gringo Bandito
  • Habanero Punch
  • Half Moon Bay Trading
  • Happy Dogs Hot Sauce
  • Haunted Hot Sauce
  • Hawberry Farms
  • Hillside Orchard Farms
  • Hit Mama’s Foods
  • Hongry Hawg Products
  • Howard’s Yummies
  • Infusion Hot Sauce Company
  • Innuendo Enterprises LLC
  • Kaitaia Fire
  • Kalahari Pepper Co.
  • Kato
  • Kentucky BourbonQ
  • Lizard’s on the Bayou
  • Louisiana Hot Sacue
  • Manny’s Pit Bull Hot Sauce
  • Mike & Dianes
  • Mild to Wild
  • Miss Anna’s Hot Sauce
  • Montego Bay Trading Company
  • Montezuma Brand
  • Monty’s Gourmet Foods
  • Mudflap Jones Seasoning
  • Organic Harvest Foods
  • Original Juan Specialty Foods
  • Palcho’s Products LLC
  • Palmetto Pepper Potions
  • Pepper Madness
  • Peppermaster
  • Primos Mexican Accents
  • Pyro Diablo
  • Redd Eye Brand
  • Reel Heat
  • Religious Experience Foods Inc.
  • Richard’s Hot Sauce Co.
  • Sauce on the Side
  • Sauza (Barhyte Specialty Foods)
  • Scotty B’s Gourmet
  • Scoville Unit Foods
  • Screamin Demon
  • Sizzlin Sauces LLC
  • Slick Lizard
  • Spiceburst Gourmet Spices
  • Sweet Sunshine Chili Sauce
  • Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop
  • The Salsa King/Fine Southwestern Foods
  • Three Hot Tamales LLC
  • Tortuga Rum Company Ltd.
  • Trinidad Charlie’s
  • Tropical Sun
  • Uncle Brutha’s
  • Uncle Dougie’s
  • Vermont Pepper Works
  • Walkerswood
  • Williams Family Farm
  • Winston’s Hot Sauce Inc.

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