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The Mini Jar Company – Lime and Naga Chilli Chutney

When I first received this product for review I assumed that we’d been sent a sample jar, but I was mistaken! A quick glance at the label and I soon realised that this is a complete offering from the one and only Mini Jar Company.

The Mini Jar Company is a small, family run business which was founded in early 2012 by Lin Whitehead to complement her existing homemade chutney & preserve business, Holly and the Ivy. Lin has been manufacturing a range of specialised chutneys, curds, mustards and preserves from her kitchen in Birmingham since 2004, but launched The Mini Jar Company in response to increasing demand for smaller versions of her products. They say good things come in small packages and that was certainly true when we reviewed Mango & Chilli Jam and Scotch Bonnet & Garlic Chutney from The Mini Jar Company a few months back.

With small products it can be quite a challenge to fit everything on the product label. Fortunately The Mini Jar Company has managed to find room for all of the essential information whilst still maintaining readability. Whilst I would love to have seen a high quality gloss label, I understand that wouldn’t be practical since all of their products are made in small batches. My only real criticism regarding the labelling is the inclusion of the company name 3 times.


Lime, Naga Chilli, Onion, Cider Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Golden Sultanas, Mixed Spice and Sugar

Jar kindly provided by The Mini Jar Company.

This chutney has a wonderful citrus aroma which is bolstered by the fruitiness of the golden sultanas. A hint of mixed spice lingers is the background too, but isn’t immediately obvious.

A teaspoon easily fits through the opening of the 45ml jar, but I resist the temptation to take a whole spoonful. Initially I am greeted by the sweetness of the sultanas and the zing of the lime, but the onion and spices provide a nice balance and ensure that the overall flavour is not too sweet or tangy. I wasn’t able to taste the Naga chilli but there’s certainly plenty of it. My tongue was ablaze for several minutes making this one of the hotter chutneys that I’ve tried.

The texture of this product is quite diverse as there are soft pieces of onion and lime which are accompanied by juicy sultanas and crunchy mustard seeds. It spreads well, but is thick enough that you won’t have to worry about it escaping from your sandwiches.

In addition to sandwiches, this chutney would be a great accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses. It could also be used to liven up grilled chicken or fish dishes too.

Small jars are never going to represent the same value as their larger counterparts, but at £1.25 for a 45ml jar I think that this product is great value. You can purchase Lime and Naga Chilli Chutney direct from The Mini Jar Company along with another 15+ chilli products including jam, peanut butter, marmalade and other chutneys. If you love variety then these products could be for you, but if small jars aren’t your thing then the same products are available in larger sizes from Holly and the Ivy too.

Note: All Mini Jar Company products are suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.

Value ********~~


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