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The Mini Jar Company – Scotch Bonnet & Tomato Preserve

The Mini Jar Company is a fairly new company on the scene, being launched last year and like many companies, priding themselves on not using artificial ingredients and the products are made in small batches. They have a nice range of products available which are sold direct from their website and at many farmers markets and food shows. They are trying to fill the gap in the market for ‘non volume’ jams and preserves which are no longer available in supermarkets. Here we have their Scotch Bonnet & Tomato Preserve.

If I am honest, on first glance I wasn’t expecting much from this plain looking jar but as soon as I opened it I knew I was mistaken..this little jar packs some serious punch!

The lovely waft of warm spices and ginger hits your nose on opening, the texture is a perfect jam like consistency you expect with these products jagged yet at the same time smooth.

This product has a moreish taste which means a mini jar goes really quickly! I do wish this jar had a big brother (or sister) as I used it up far too quickly! The tomatoes and Scotch Bonnets work really well together the ginger compliments the scotch Bonnets Jamaican roots and the rum gives it a great kick! This is the first time I have seen rum in a chilli product and it works really well.

The Packaging is basic but this just shows these jars are not mass produced, it’s simpleyet effective it shows all the information needed and lets the product speak for itself. Now I have tried this product I will definitely be ordering it and trying some more varieties.

Looking on the website, there is a dedicated section to specialised Chile products, I feel the jars are priced fairly at £1.25 a jar. There is a great range and the benefits of a little jar means you can buy lots of different ones and try them all! I really like the sound of the Lemon and Naga Chilli Chutney and the Chilli Peanut Butter

Bottle kindly supplied by The Mini Jar Company


Scotch Bonnet Chillies, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic, Onions, Vinegar, Spices, Rum

Each product is handmade and heat scale ranges from very mild to very hot (we are talking Naga hot) all products The Mini Jar Company sell are made in small controlled batches which ensures a high quality product every time. They use no additives, colourants or thickening agents and all produce is locally sourced where possible.

One of the great things about their products are they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans & celiac.

Value ********~~

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