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The Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Naga Salt Grinder

Here we have one of the range of grinders from Wiltshire Chilli Farm. The grinders offer a varying range of seasonings in both heat and flavour, with the Naga salt variant being the hottest in the range.

The first thing I notice about the grinder is that it is made of glass, which adds a feel of quality and reusability. Product labelling is in line with the familiar branding of Wiltshire Chilli Farm with a clear “very hot” warning on the front. Although the labelling covers much of the grinder in the exposed areas I can still clearly see that there’s a generous amount of dried Naga chillies (moderate pieces rather than flakes) in amongst large grains of salt and peppercorns.

Ingredients:  Salt, Naga Chilli, White Peppercorns

Grinder kindly supplied by Wiltshire Chilli Farm

I believe Jamie has sourced Cornish sea salt for his grinder. Sea salt is a much different product from standard table salt; the former is a more natural, purer product whilst the latter is highly processed with anti-caking agents to make it pour more readily from dispensers.  Taste is always subjective but in my humble opinion there’s a much different taste between the two types of salt products, with sea salt having a less of a bitter aftertaste than the table variety.

Using the grinder releases an inviting aroma – a great combination of freshly ground pepper and the sweet pungency of the dried Nagas. The great advantage with this grinder is that there are two grinding settings – fine and coarse. Pushing the top of the grinder down gives the fine grind, producing small granules of salt with flecks of dried Naga & white pepper.

I found the balance of flavours from this grind leaned more towards the natural flavour of the salt with an added chilli warmth. Conversely, pulling the top up results in a much coarser grind that produces larger grains of salt and pieces of dried Naga & peppercorns, allowing much more of the flavours of the pepper and Naga chillies (and of course their heat) to come through to the fore.

As it’s a seasoning product the possibilities for usage of the grinder are endless. I’ve used it in soups, salads, popcorn and even the on good old British Fish & Chips, which was particularly enjoyable with my homemade Naga vinegar.  And for those worried about salt in their diet, a little really goes a long way in adding that extra kick to your meal.

Priced at £4 this grinder is a worthy addition to the kitchen of any Chillihead. Although currently not listed on the Wiltshire Chilli Farm website Jamie has advised me that the Naga salt grinder is still available to order; plus he’s even increased the heat too. The website is in the process of being updated so until it’s listed on the site direct, if you want one to buy one of these (or the 3 Chilli mix and Lemon pepper variants) just email with your order details.

PS Handily, refills packs are due to be added to the product range by December.


Value *******~~~

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