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There is a new Editor at The Chilefoundry…….

Hi Everyone,

A little while ago David Floyd announced that as the site had reached 1,000,000 page views, it seemed a good time for him to take more of a back seat and step down as Editor. David has worked tirelessly on this site, making it what it is today, a place for the Chilli Community to come and find out information about all sorts of chilli related things.

I think you would all join me in thanking David for what he has done over many years for the Chilefoundry but also the Chilli Community. It is important to state here that David is still owner of this site and will be making sure I do a good job!

 We have been (and still are) working on the changeover, and I, Chris Saunders otherwise known as TheLurch have been appointed Editor for the day to day running of the site and co-ordinating the review team. I will also be responsible for the Twitter account, Facebook page and email address.

This is a great privilege for me but also quite a daunting one, as with all the team, we fit this around our “normal” work and families so I would kindly ask that you bear with me for the immediate future as I get to    grips with how things work.

New content will be appearing very soon including the events for next year as this is important for all of you, the readership to start planning next years festival season.

Due to various technical reasons, we have had to do a bit of a reshuffle with regard to the Chilefoundry Youtube Channels.

It has been agreed that from now on, we will use Darth Naga’s (Tony Ainsworth) new Youtube channel  for Chilefoundry video reviews.

Tony will obviously be posting his own content as well, but he is gradually transferring all the old classic videos over to his Channel for your enjoyment. So please can I ask all current Chilefoundry Youtuber’s to subscribe to Darth Naga’s channel as there will be no new content on the old channels.

Please click the link and hit subscribe:



Darth Naga will continue to do video reviews for the site along with his own content.

Martin ” Scooby” Arnold will continue to do video reviews and some written reviews

David ” Norn Ironman” Kelly will continue to do written reviews along with myself.

It may be that we will require a couple of others to join the review team in the future, this is undecided so please don’t ask, we already have a list of possible candidates, more on that to follow.

So to the suppliers/producers, please take a note of the change of  postal address to send product to, its in the “Contact Us” at the top of the page. If you specifically want a video review please still submit the item to to the Chilefoundry and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Could I also ask those who can, to share this article through their own social media so this news can be spread among the chilli community, many thanks.

And to the many monthly newsletter subscribers, please also bear with me, this will be coming too!

I think that’s about it from me.

Here’s to the future success of the Chilefoundry


Chris Saunders – Editor


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