Posted September 11, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Three Hot Tamales – Toxic Tonic Review

Three Hot Tamales Toxic Tonic Hot Sauce

So I must be one of the last chili-heads around not to try anything from the Three Hot Tamales. And from what I have heard the anticipation has been building and building. For me I thought it was almost to the point that my expectations would exceed the final product.

My review for this sauce came unexpectedly. My hot sauce hottie bought some sole filets stuffed with crab, shrimp and scallops. Added to that were some mini red roast potatoes and fresh asparagus. Thankfully Nick’s package came in yesterday and he provided me with a round of premium sauces. Among them was Three Hot Tamales Toxic Tonic Hot Sauce. As I write this it is not available but when it is”¦”¦”¦..(the sauce is now available for sale on Sweat ‘N Spice here – we have the only remaining unsigned bottles)

Three Hot Tamales Toxic Tonic Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Fresh Habanero Peppers, Red Pepper, Cider Vinegar, Spanish Paprika, Black Pepper, Liquid Smoke, Cayenne Seasoning, Cayenne Red Peppers, Water, Salt, Garlic Powder

I admired this sauce 24 hours before opening it. Just looking into the bottle I was impressed at the contents.

So as I was saying we had a great dinner prepared and I couldn’t hold my anticipation any longer. Once everything was prepared I cracked open that bottle and poured it straight onto my plate. The visions within the glass cage did not disappoint.
This sauce poured out perfectly. Viscous enough to avoid frustration and thick enough to scoop up onto a fork.

What followed was a precise hit of balanced flavour and heat unlike many sauces I have tried. It kept the flavour of the fish (which was unreal) but added a new dimension right away in terms of spice and zest. The heat was there but never intruded. It was respectful of the food it joined up with. The heat was quick but was like a friend dropping by for a quick hello and a pleasant chat before leaving on their merry way. I tried it with the potatoes and the same effect came into play. Heck I even put it on asparagus.

Three Hot Tamales Toxic Tonic Hot Sauce

This may be THT’s hottest sauce offering and for the average person the heat is more than enough and will satisfy hardcore heat mongers who need their kick. What they have created here is a near perfect balance, of heat, flavour and texture. This bottle will be long gone before this review is posted.

Packaging 9/10 ““ I can spot this bottle a mile away
Aroma 8/10 ““ fresh, spicy, smoky
Appearance 10/10 ““ thick, chunky, intimidating
Taste 9.710 ““ Bold, respectful and confident
Heat 7.8/10 ““ Perfect heat level for any chili-head

Overall 9.7/10 ““ Outstanding ““ a table essential

Three Hot Tamales, LLC
Garfield, NJ, 07026