Posted April 13, 2007 by Jim Campbell in Hot Sauce News

Time to Step Up for Charity Again!

“Older and wiser” is a phrase that does not apply here. As a couple of you already know, I’ve decided to make another run at the stair climb record. There is also the possibility that I’ll take a stab at the endurance record for time on a stationary bike- 85 hours! Matter of fact, I’m looking at doing these back to back- get off the stairs, rest a day and then get on the bike. To make it even better, it looks like it will be done outdoors, in August when the heat index can be expected to be over 100 F here.

There are several details to be worked out yet, funeral arrangements among them 😉 but it looks like the attempt will be made the week after JJ’s show. I’m attempting to do this in conjunction with Indiana State Fair at the Governors’ exhibit on trying to get people inspired to get in shape- IN Shape Indiana. The Governors’ office ought to be able to lend some weight to the efforts and give instant credibility. Our governor is a fitness buff and a serious chilehead himself. The idea to do it at the State Fair came from the fact that there was very little local support last year, depsite most of the charities having local connections. The Fair should be a high-visibility location that might inspire a few of the local businesses to ‘step up’ and support the local charities.

While on the subject of support, I’d like to make it clear that I in no way expect a repeat of the Step Up Auctions. The support from the hot sauce community was outstanding last year and serves to stand on its’ own. I know that there are a lot of other auctions vying for attention and would encourage support for them. Thank you all very much for the support you’ve given! I am grateful beyond words. I am filing for 501.3(c) status in order to accommodate the continued support. No word yet on when that will be finalized. While I don’t think I’ll make any great improvement on the records, I do fully expect to improve on the fundraising.

To try and prove that I really don’t have a ‘death wish’- despite appearances- I’m making the second half of the record attempt contingent upon the amount of contributions raised. I really don’t have any great desire to kill myself for nothing 🙂 If there is not sufficient support, then it will only be the stairs this year.

Thanks again, all. Sigh… time to get serious again 🙂

HSBers –
In order to meet or beat last years auction totals, I’m going to organize a set of auctions to run in the months just before Jim makes his attempt. If he can hit the 50k mark then he’ll be doing both the stairs and the bike. Please send an email to this address if you’d like to chip in and participate in the race to get Jim on the bike.
I’m thinking 5 auctions like last year with reserves made especially for Jim, if people are willing to participate. And in addition to the reserves, any number of special hot sauce sets made for the auctions – thoughts? ~ Nick

Jim Campbell