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Review: Tony Legner’s Cat-5 Food Polish Seasoning & Rub

Cat-5 Food Polish

Food polish? What the…WAIT! I’ll explain.

I myself was more than a little confused by the name. Tony Legner is a chef and restauranteur in Rockport, TX. Cat-5 referers to a category 5 hurricane. Food polish, because when you are putting the finishing touches on something you are polishing it.

As you all have probably noticed, I spend a good part of each review on the label and outward appearance of each product. My reasoning, which I know not everyone agrees with, is you eat with your eyes first. You probably won’t buy something that doesn’t look appealing. Why do you think they spend so much money for the perfect food photos in magazines like Gourmet and Bon appetit? Why do you think they award scores for plating on Iron Chef?

On to the review. The 1.5 oz shaker features a weather map picture of a hurricane with a couple of palm trees being blown on one side. The label states Cat-5 food polish adds brilliance and luster to any dish! Sprinkle Cat-5 food polish on your favorite dish and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! The cap has the word hot centered over a photo of flames.

Ingredients: Salt, dried peppers, & other spices.

When I smell this the first thing that I smell is cayenne. When I taste it straight I taste cayenne first then salt and habanero. In a word delicious. If I had to break it down I would say that the ingredients are flake sea salt, cayenne, fine ground habanero flakes, and maybe some paprika, but that’s just a guess. The heat level is about 6.5 (I don’t use a number scale in reviews except to indicate heat).

Cat-5 Food Polish

Cat-5 Food Polish

I have tried this product on many things and the only one it didn’t work on for me was pepperoni pizza. Because the pizza was salty already from the pepperoni, it just ended up being too salty. Now cheese pizza may be a different story. Things that it really rocked on include Steak (I like to apply it as a dry rub 4 hours prior to cooking), eggs, french fries (OOOH), microwave popcorn,as an ingredient in your favorite recipe,… The list could go on and on. Most anything that could use some salt could use some Cat-5. Another great thing about it is the appearance, it adds some color and yes, like the label says brilliance and luster. It not only makes a great seasoning but can be used as a garnish to sprinkle around the edge of the plate for presentation.

Cat-5 Food Polish

I was lucky enough to meet Tony and Maddie at ZestFest. They, like all the other manufacturers we met, were were really fun to hang out with. Since then, they have been collecting awards. Cat-5 won a first place 2008 Scovie for table seasoning, a Fab-5 award peoples choice, a second place award for Tony’s Cat-5 oyster dressing and tied for third in the same contest (sponsored by Nick) in a deviled egg recipe by some hack cook. It looks like Tony is going to have to change the label to include award winning.

My only complaint about Cat-5 is the cost, at $5 for 1.5 oz I feel it is a little overpriced.

In conclusion If you haven’t tried this product yet, treat yourself!

For Nutritional Information call 361-729-6395

Distributed by Tony Legner’s Culinary Productions

1003 E. Concho, Rockport, TX 78382