Posted September 29, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

TorchBearer #37 Tarnation Hot Sauce

Tarnation #37According to the scoville rating, Tarnation ranks at 38,202 scoville units, which is just under half the heat level of Super Fancy #42 Slaughter Sauce (which comes in @ 67,582).

You can read my review of Slaughter Sauce here or if you prefer the short version: I loved it. Yes, it’s cost prohibitive at $25 a bottle – but like most super hot sauces it will last you quite some time. Your not paying for fancy packaging or chemical extracts – that $25 will buy you a jar of pure habanero (well almost).

Below you will find two very different reviews of Super Fancy #37 Tarnation Sauce. This is exactly why I brought in reviewers to the HSB. Two people can taste the exact same sauce – one can fall in love with it and the other not so much.

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