Posted February 1, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

TorchBearer Sauces 50% Off!

Hello, it Vid, with some good news.

We finally have our new store up online at www.torchbearersauces.com, and before we start marketing it full force we want to have a good test of if it works. For the next 10 days (Feb 1- Feb 10) friends and family get 50% off everything they buy.

Simply use the code on the check out page after you fill in your information.
The code is: onions
no caps no numbers just the word. Please feel free to pass this on to ANYone or even everyone you know.

The more people who buy the better a test this will be for our website. So send it out to your mailing list, put it on myspace, or even just put it up on your blog. And look forward to getting another email from us next week. We are releasing our first online ad and it is a funny one. Talk to you then and enjoy the sale.

Nick Lindauer

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