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Triiifecto Hot Sauce Sample Kit

Triiifecto Hot Sauce Sample Kit

Quite possibly one of the coolest hot sauce sample kits I’ve ever come across – this little kit contains 10 sauces from the Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauce company and is available for $20. Orders can be placed at I haven’t yet had the chance to dig into the sauces, but my mouth is watering over the Black Hole (made with: jolokia, habaneros & blackberries) and the Ra (made with: jolokia, habanero & horseradish). Reviews to come soon!

More about the Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauce Company:

Triiifecto, Inc is a company with a very unique product. Like many other companies, we produce pepper sauces and more. What makes us different and that we pride ourselves on is that our hot sauce taste good, smells good, and it is good for you too! Every serving of Triiifecto hot sauce has 100% vitamin C, 8% vitamin B6 and 35% vitamin B12 of the daily recommended amount per teaspoon. An entrepreneur who is passionate about hot sauce, cooking, grilling and enjoying life, founded Triiifecto, Inc in 2011. All of this combined resulted in the creation of Triiifecto, Inc serving up a wide variety of hot sauces. With a variety of flavors and different levels of heat, we are confident everyone is sure to find a Triiifecto sauce or salsa that they enjoy!

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